We all know we are supposed to be using certain products to care for our hair, but do you really know why we need it? and what to use? and what it actually helps?!

Your hairdresser or beauty obsessed friend may have been banging on about this product and that.

But if you have no knowledge of why your hair needs these products, your most likely going to dismiss them, listing them under luxury items, not items of need.

Let’s start with the basic’s then – without getting too technical!

Our hair is a living organism, it has many layers and in the very middle is our cortex, on the outside; the cuticle. To maintain our Hair health we need moisture, protein, and to maintain hair acidity.

The main aim of haircare is to maintain a healthy cuticle so that our cortex doesn’t get damaged. Once the cuticle and cortex is damaged, our hair is no longer in optimum condition.

Much like skin, if we do not eat a balanced diet, wash and moisturize properly or if we overload on damaging products our hair will start to feel dry, damaged and brittle.

To start taking better care of your hair, you will need to follow some guidelines. Everyone’s hair type is different and so their hair-care regime will vary also.

However – follow these rules of thumb and you will find your hair will love you again!

Shampoo your hair with both a moisture (hydrate) shampoo and a protein (repair) shampoo simultaneously every time.

NOTE: The reason for two shampoos is to cleanse scalp of product build up and dirt before properly cleaning hair and scalp with second shampoo.

Condition your hair alternatively with moisture and protein. Always apply to ends first for atleast 2 minutes, then apply through remaining hair for last minute.

NOTE: Conditioner does not need to be on scalp for very long as your scalps natural oils will condition the newer hair. Over applying conditioner on your scalp can produce too much oil. Resulting in you overwashing your hair and starting a vicious cycle.

Before drying – whether you air dry or use a blowdryer, always apply an oil, serum, leave in conditioner or thermal protection spray.

NOTE: This is very much the same as sunscreen for your hair. The difference is, heat damage comes from many sources-inside and outside! Sun, styling hot tools, blowdryers, air conditioning, standing close to ovens, heaters and open fires all take moisture out of your hair!

Once your hair is dry and before using heat styling tools or going out in the sun or sea, make sure to apply a thermal protection spray. For every time we use heat on our hair without product we are burning the moisture out of it. When we use protectant, they act as a barrier to protect our hair.

So that’s the very basics, I shall do a post on more in-depth ways to treat and care for your hair at home next time.

Keep on moisturizing!

Alycia Sharaf